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2023-02-17 (Friday)


Current Price:  $ 7.14 (24h Changes: -2.7 % )

Current Market Cap:  $ 3,504,314,148 (24h Changes: -2.72 % )

LINK-Positive News

1. Chainlink price analysis: LINK trades above $7.28 after a strong day rally
Source:  Cryptopolitan
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 05:44:18

Chainlink price analysis shows an increase in price today. The LINK/USD pair appears to be in a strong uptrend, likely due to bulls taking advantage of the current market sentiment.

2. Chainlink scores innovative new partner in billion-$-market – Can LINK reach $100 in next bull run?
Source:  CryptoNewsFlash
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 14:26:08

Overtime, a sports market AMM is moving to Arbitrum.  The move comes not long after Overtime launched on Optimsim and integrated with Chainlink.

LINK-Neutral News

1. Zeta integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Solana's mainnet: all the details
Source:  The Cryptonomist
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 02:59:14

Blockchain oracles are at the heart of many decentralized finance protocols. They provide applications like Zeta with secure and reliable financial data that can be used on-chain, enabling the creation of innovative and open financial products.


Current Price:  $ 6.6 (24h Changes: -4.45 % )

Current Market Cap:  $ 4,975,324,107 (24h Changes: -4.51 % )

UNI-Positive News

1. Uniswap price analysis: Bulls uplift UNI above $6.85 after a bullish recovery
Source:  Cryptopolitan
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 03:39:05

The price is moving upwards once again in the latest Uniswap price analysis as the bullish momentum returned to the market today. The bearish pressure that was seen on 14 February has now been reversed as the bulls are pushing UNI/USD price above $6.85.


Current Price:  $ 85.59 (24h Changes: -3.91 % )

Current Market Cap:  $ 1,218,931,896 (24h Changes: -3.82 % )

AAVE-Positive News

1. Centrifuge Wants To Back Aave's GHO Stablecoin With Real-world Assets
Source:  Blockworks
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 14:02:59

A draft proposal to integrate Centrifuge infrastructure with GHO is in the works


Current Price:  $ 2.7 (24h Changes: -6.71 % )

Current Market Cap:  $ 2,277,592,737 (24h Changes: -6.31 % )

LDO-Neutral News

1. These 3 Altcoins Could Go Parabolic By SEC's Latest Regulatory Crackdown
Source:  CoinPedia
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 06:33:32

In the United States, regulators have been grappling with the classification of crypto assets as securities, property, or something else for quite some time.  Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the most stringent regulator, has ramped up its crackdown on crypto staking.

2. Lido's Governance Discussion Ahead Of Ethereum Staking Withdrawal Enabled
Source:  Blockonomi
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 06:48:24

As Ethereum's Shanghai upgrade is well underway, all eyes are set on Ethereum's largest staking pool – Lido, and its decision on whether to sell or stake its $30 million worth of Ether. Why Does It Matter?

3. LidoDAO is considering selling or staking its $30 million
Source:  Blockchain News
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 10:09:13

LidoDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization behind Lido, is considering staking or selling its $30 million ETH treasury to meet unexpected market swings.


Current Price:  $ 0.17 (24h Changes: -7.77 % )

Current Market Cap:  $ 1,493,167,164 (24h Changes: -7.66 % )

GRT-Positive News

1. Must Have Cryptocurrencies For Your Portfolio In 2023
Source:  Coingape
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 12:24:29

After witnessing a massive crypto crash in 2022, the present year is something all crypto investors have been waiting for. From meme coins like Shiba Inu and BONE to AI-based crypto coins like SingularityNET, many altcoins saw an impressive bounce back.

GRT-Neutral News

1. The Graph [GRT]: Bulls head for overhead resistance, but $0.1800 is key
Source:  AMBCrypto
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 02:30:58

The Graph [GRT] built on its January rally and provided another 75% gains on 7 February, jumping from $0.1289 to above $0.2087. However, the price later corrected itself.

2. The Graph Price Predictions: Where Will AI Take the GRT Crypto?
Source:  Investorplace
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 14:31:17

Here's what the expert think in terms of The Graph price predictions, with respect to what appears to be a rather polarizing project.


Current Price:  $ 715.2 (24h Changes: -6.57 % )

Current Market Cap:  $ 644,700,465 (24h Changes: -6.57 % )

MKR-Neutral News

1. On-chain DAO platform Tally proposes new governance structure for MakerDAO
Source:  CryptoSlate
Date:  Thu, 16 Feb 2023 08:46:17

The on-chain DAO platform Tally pitched the new governance proposal on February 15 to the MakerDAO community.